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Midland Business Alliance Video Interview

Many thanks to the Midland Business Alliance for the opportunity to answer some questions that might be of interest to their members.

The MBA offered all the local candidates an opportunity to participate in their video interviews. They asked just a few questions and the responses are very short, so it won't take much time to watch the interviews with the District 5 county commissioner candidates. The link below takes you directly to the beginning of my interview; the District 5 incumbent chose not to participate, so there is no interview with him. The interview following mine is with the District 6 candidates, beginning with Republican Eric Dorrien, and then Democrat Sarah Schulz. All the interviews are interesting to watch and give you a great view in to the different personalities and viewpoints of the candidates. (For those who chose to participate!) A great way to help my campaign is by sharing this information with your friends and neighbors who live in the fifth district. I keep wondering why my opponent won't participate in forums and video interviews - I know that I want to take advantage of every opportunity to get my message out. That message is: It's time for a new perspective for Midland.

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