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It was a loss, but also a win...

I am so proud to have run for county commissioner with this wonderful team of women: SArah Schulz, Alaynah Smith, and Connie Glave.

I lost my race by only 176 votes, and actually won two precincts (6 and 9). And the best news is that my friend Alaynah Smith won her race in district 7! She will be the only Democrat on the county board of commissioners, and I know she will do a great job. Sarah Schulz lost by just 5 votes in district 6, so that's a recount! She could end up with a win, too.

Thank you Midland for turning out in a big way! 58.6% is a great turnout for a midterm election. And though my race didn't turn out like I had hoped, so many other races went the right way for Democrats up and down the ticket.

Local wins for Dan Kildee for Congress and Kristen McDonald-Rivet for state senate are especially gratifying.

Best of all, Prop 3 passed and we have insured reproductive freedom for everyone in Michigan. It wasn't too confusing or too extreme and the voters recognized that. If you have one of my yard signs, you can take it to the Midland Democratic Party office by this Saturday, or you can send me a message and I'll pick it up - I might need them again!

Thank you to everyone who supported me and voted for me!


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