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Fifty Days until Election Day!

Welcome to the campaign blog.

We'll use it to share some of the same information shared on the campaign Facebook and Instagram pages, to make it easy for those who don't use social media.

Absentee ballots come out soon, so election day is really just the last day to vote. Things are kicking into high gear for candidates and ballot proposals.

As election day draws closer, all the campaigns are revving into high gear. This past weekend I attended an event sponsored by the One Campaign (the State Democratic party unified campaign for Governor, Lt. Governor, Atty General, and Secretary of State) with Lt. Gov. Garlin Gilchrist. The "LG", as he is fondly known, came to thank volunteers and get us fired up for the final stage of election season.

And he was kind enough to take photos with everyone who wanted one. Of course, that included me. It's not often that I get to stand near someone who makes me feel short.

Lt. Gov. Garlin Gilchrist with Allison at Chippewassee Park on Sept. 17

I also had an opportunity to meet Congressman Dan Kildee on Sunday, Sept 18th. He held a Reproductive Rights Roundtable in Midland, and I was in the audience. Like the LG, the congressman was kind enough to pose for photos.

Allison with Congressman Dan Kildee on Sept 18.

About 5 weeks ago, I injured my right ankle, which put me in a boot for 3 weeks. I don't have to wear the boot anymore, but the ankle is still a little swollen and not quite done healing, which has kept me from doing much walking. Normally, I walk 2 miles (or more) every day with my dogs, River and Andre. And during election season, I also walk a lot doing door-to-door canvassing. It's a great way to connect with voters and find out what they are really thinking about. I'm hopeful that in another week or so, I'll be out and about again. I know that my dogs will appreciate that! And I'll enjoy getting out to meet the voters where they live.

My yard signs are on order and should arrive any day now. If you would like a sign for your yard (especially if you live on a busy street or corner!) send an email to .

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